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Non-owner auto insurance is a type of auto insurance for cars and automobiles that you do not own. It’s either you borrowed or you rented the vehicle you have at present. If you are using the car, you must have insurance so that whatever happens, both the user and the owner of the vehicle will be protected.

So, if you only borrow or rent the car and you are not insured, you may be at high risk. It will depend on the type of insurance the owner has. If in case, due to unavoidable circumstances that you are able to hit or you bumped the car that may incur cost and expenses, the insurance that you will purchase can do a lot.

However, if you have no insurance to cover it, all the liabilities that the accident will incur you will shoulder them all. It is better if you have one so that if any misfortune happens, you can be saved from any sue or landing in jail.

Coverage of the Non-Owner Insurance

Non Owner Auto Insurance

The same is the coverage of the regular insurance, but only difference is that the coverage for the non-owner auto insurance is the driver and not the vehicle. But, it also covers the following:

  • liabilities
  • personal body injuries of the driver
  • Damage to property coverage which pays for any damages, legal fees if you kill or injure any person.
  • Medical Coverage

Since it is not a typical insurance, it does not cover comprehensive/collision coverage that you will be the one to pay for the towing. If you are a good record as a driver, you may be given additional cover of the insurance. Necessary data must be verified such name, age, the address, driving record, and how often you drive.

Benefits of Having Non-Owner Auto insurance

Getting a non-owner auto insurance will save you from high risk. The price of this kind of insurance is cheaper and it will cover the basic liability in case of accidents. If you are driving the other’s car and get the non-owner auto insurance, there’s already an existing insurance for the owner of the car. If there’s an accident, the existing policy will initially cover the liability of the accident. If there are other damages that are not covered by the existing insurance, the one that you have which is the  non-owner auto insurance will be the one to cover it

You can purchase non-owner auto insurance through online easily. You can search online the type of policy that is appropriate in your locality. This is the most convenient way to compare rates and select the best option. This kind of insurance is lower than the regular insurance.

You can drive cars that you don’t own provided that you have the non-owner auto insurance. You can borrow or rent vehicles and still are protected from any liability. You need not purchase a brand new car which is very expensive. You can drive legally and worry free.

It is a good option that when you drive someone else’s vehicles be sure to get an non-owner auto insurance so that whatever trouble that may come your way, basic liability will be covered or depending on the coverage you have.

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